Our Vision

As Early Childhood Educators, we believe that childhood is one of the most important stages of a child’s life. Our Vision is to assist children in their journey of learning and assuring their families to provide their child with a nurturing environment where they can become confident and competent learners.

To fulfil this vision, we provide an educational curriculum and program that supports individual child’s development and sense of Belonging, Being and Becoming. All children have unique capabilities and interests that allow them to be capable, confident and active learners.

Our physical, social and natural environments within the centre provide a space for meaningful learning opportunities and experiences. We believe that children learn through play, and when children feel safe and secure they can actively explore, experiment and discover.

Our team of educators work closely with children, families and other professionals to teach an early childhood curriculum based on a current theory and practice that will promote learning, exploration, experimentation, discovery, as well as support the development of friendship and partnership. The curriculum at Little Einstein is designed to inspire children to think creatively and develop a love for knowledge with the support and encouragement of the educators.

Our environment plays a crucial role in the children’s learning where they are surrounded by a beautiful, natural, inviting and educational indoor and outdoor environment to provoke their creatively, imagination, exploration and experimentation.

With this vision, we aim to impart a learning and caring environment that encourages parent active participation to optimize the child’s growth and development to reach their full potential as well as prepare children to enter school ready and to learn and participate in family and community life.